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Learning Beyond Academics

Enriching Education with Real-World Connections.

  • Our emergent curriculum focuses on more than building foundations for academic success, we value physical activities and social interactions etc. as well for nurturing healthy bodies and happy hearts. We regularly evaluate your child’s progress using developmental assessment tools, such as Looksee and ERIK, so that we can tailor to your child's learning needs (and to share his/her successes with you, of course!)

  • Our classrooms are set up with intention, just the same as our daily program plan. Children will have the autonomy to decide on when and how to participate in the activities, and be supported by our educators in their learning through play.


Home Away From Home

Providing a nurturing environment.

  • Houses come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing for sure, there is no place that feels safer and comfortable than the homes within those walls. Well, NACC might just be the place that feels the closest to it. We take time to design the physical space that welcomes diversity, with an understanding of differences in family dynamics, cultural practices and general individuality of each unique family.

  • At NACC, we will be there to grow with your child every step of the way ~ or crawl, or roll, or hop!



An Important Predictor For Success

  • Even though having confidence is not a magic formula for achieving success, it is still as powerful of a predictor for it as academic performance. The reason? Having the courage to take the first steps is already half the process.

  • In every NACC classroom, both children and adults are engaged as members of the small community. By providing a stimulating environment that encourages positive and respectful social interactions, children can explore new ideas, take reasonable risks, and most importantly feel confident to be themselves!


What Parents

Have To Say About Newstead

Best kindergarten in GTA

This is really the best kindergarten in the GTA. High quality toys, children's favorite indoor playground, small theater! The daycare is full of the humanistic care! My baby cried every day in the previous daycare, but since she came to Newstead, she looks forward to coming to school every day and don't cry anymore. Every teacher is great: professional background, patience, and great care to children. The owners pay great attention to detail and try their best to build a great daycare for children! The teachers need to update the teaching goals every week based on children's development. Each child will have their own learning goals every week. The teacher just takes care of the kids. There are other coworkers to take pictures, clean, decorate. This leaves everything to a professional level. So that teachers can pay all attention to children. Taking pictures of children every day is like professional child photography. Every day when I pick up my baby, I find new baby pictures on the wall. Let me sigh, the teachers here do not rest? That's so dedicated! Three meals are provided here. Foods are fresh and organic every day. Chef is from star hotels. Thats why my baby like eat all three meals here.


Very clean and modern

This is one of the best facilities I've ever seen. Very clean and modern. There are so many activities that really keep the kids engaged. The staff is next level. Always happy and accommodating. You can really tell the difference when the people there really love what they do.


Excellent Daycare

Excellent Daycare. Our son has had so much fun since he switched over from another place. Everyday there is a smile on his face. The facility is clean, bright, and full of materials for kids to learn and play with. Teachers are super nice and adequate to take care of the little ones. My wife and I like the place a lot and we highly recommend it for anyone looking for a daycare facility.


Great experience

We have had such a great experience with Newstead. The facility is brand new and beautiful, but the most important thing is that you can really feel the love here!! All of the staff are warm and welcoming and treat the children and parents like family. Just by walking through the halls, you hear the teachers singing and laughing with the children and you can tell they truly enjoy what they do.


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