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    Beyond the ABCs and 123s:

    Social Emotional Learning

    • When your family joins us, you will be invited in for an enrollment appointment where you will go over our Childcare Contract and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have before your child starts.

    • We will provide you with a transition schedule, items to prepare for care, etc. Once the enrollment meeting is done, you and your child will go to see their new classroom and meet the teachers


    Empowering Relationships:

    Nurturing Children's Growth and Confidence


    Boosting Connection

    • Building children’s relationships with teachers and friends

    • Practicing daily routines and socialization skills

    • Creating a sense of security and belonging

    • Supporting problem solving, self-regulation, and conflict-resolution skills


    Practicing Communication

    • Finding opportunities to process experiences and share feelings together

    • Encouraging the expression of emotions and asking for help to get needs met


    Building Confidence

    • Learning academic and social independence

    • Practicing skills that build flexibility and resilience

    The Start of the Learning Journey

    The Beginning of Your Child's Learning Adventure

    • When your family joins us, you’ll have an opportunity to complete a Learning Journey Profile with your child’s teacher. This way, we get to know you all a little better! Then, we can tailor learning to your child’s unique strengths and challenges, and help them get ready for elementary school!


    Gradual Transition:

    Helping Your Child Ease into Their New Environment

    Gradual Transition Schedule:

    • A gradual start for your child. Your child will have the opportunity to explore their new environment, meet the children in their class and observe transitions of the day.

    • Each day your child will gradually spend more and more time in their new classroom until they have worked up to a full scheduled day. Our goal is to not stress your child out but rather ease them into their new environment.

    Ease Into the New Environment:

    • Embarking on a new journey can be overwhelming, especially for our little ones and we understand the importance of a smooth transition for your child.

    • That's why we offer a gradual transition schedule designed to ease them into their new environment with care and patience.

    What To Expect:

    The First Week At Newstead Academy

    Day 1 - 9am-12pm

    Please arrive at the centre anytime after 9am and one of our office staff will be happy to assist you and your family to your child’s new classroom where you will drop off your child. We don’t recommend that you child stays here longer than 3 hours on their first day. Your child needs to become familiar with their new routine and know that mommy and daddy come back.

    Day 2 - 8am-12pm

    Please come into the centre at 8am and drop off your child to their classroom where they will have breakfast with their teachers and friends. For the second day your child will be at the centre for no longer than 4 hours.

    Day 3 - 8am-3pm

    On day three, again your child will arrive at the centre by 8am where they can have breakfast with their teachers and friends. Today will be their first day napping at the centre. Nap time is 12pm-2pm. After nap the children will have a chance to get changed and have a snack.

    Day 4 - 8am-4pm

    On day 4&5 our goal would be for your child to be here for a full typical day. Depending on how their transition period is, they can stay later than 5pm on these days in order to have dinner with their friends and teachers. We recognize that not all children will be here later than 5pm on a typical day.

    Day 5 - 8am-5:30pm

    On day 5 our goal would be for your child to be here for a full typical day.

    We understand that leaving your child for the first time can be difficult for both the parents and the child. We suggest openly talking with your child at home about their upcoming transition and that they will be starting daycare where they will meet new friends, play and grow. Your child may be young, but they understand much more than they can communicate.

    Three things that we look out for on your child's first week are: are they eating? Are they relieving their bladder? Are they sleeping? These are all ways that your child will communicate if they feel safe in their new environment. If we notice any of the three not happening, we will discuss with you on how to proceed; a pick up might be necessary in order to avoid further distress.

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