Let the child be the

Script Writer,


and the


in his/her own play.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a warm and inclusive family atmosphere, where all educators and families feel inspired to develop genuine partnerships with the focus on providing a dynamic learning environment for children to reach their full potential. Regardless of race, gender, age, ability, social status, and/or family dynamics, each child is able to fully participate in all aspects of our program without discrimination.

Our Principles

Every child is special in the eyes of their parents and those who love them. At NACC, each child is also precious to us. As educators of young children, we believe every child is unique, depending on their previous upbringing and social experiences, which make them an individual with great potentials and capabilities. We support the child's growth and development with a holistic approach.

Here at Newstead, we understand that children learn through play. Play by definition is enjoyable, spontaneous, active, and undertaken without external goals and sanctions. This means that children are self-learners that do not require an adult to dictate what and how they should learn. As long as children’s intrinsic motivations and choices in play are supported by responsive professionals in positive, developmentally-appropriate learning environments, a child will flourish. Children’s innate curiosity and developmental potential will be maximized when they are allowed to exercise their autonomy in decision-making regarding learning and participation.

Our Core Values


Life Long Learning

  • We believe that we have a responsibility to nurture the natural desire to be lifelong learners within both children and adults. NACC staff commits to efforts for professional and personal growth with equal importance given to fostering children’s learning. As co-learners with our children and families, we embrace the opportunities that are presented to us for growth through our daily encounters.


Sense of Well Being

  • There is joy and hopefulness in the work we do, as well as in the relationships we have with others. NACC cares about the overall health of our people; we understand that optimal well-being involves the maintenance of mental, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual health. NACC acknowledges and supports the fulfilment of such needs.



  • Relationships are the foundation on which the organization operates. We believe the quality of the care we provide is measured by the quality of the relationships we have with the children, families, employees, suppliers, funders, legislators and our environments. We are committed to ensuring these relationships are respectful, warm and caring, honest and open, as well as fair and equitable.


The Pursuit of Excellence

  • In our efforts to continuously improve, we are dynamic. We have the courage to lead; the willingness to take appropriate risk; and the strength to be creative. We are accepting of change that strengthens and improves us.


Sense of Belonging

  • By fostering a sense of belonging within our Newstead Academy community, we are nurturing an environment where every individual feels connected, valued, and empowered. Through this sense of belonging, we celebrate the unique experiences and perspectives of each member, recognizing their inherent worth and contributions.



  • We are committed to carrying out conversations that are openly cooperative and collaborative. We welcome all perspectives, as well as value and respect all points of view. We give and receive information and feedback in a timely manner. We expect the same to be reciprocated.

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