Svitlana Rogozovska

Svitlana Rogozovska

ECA, Toddler Room Teacher

Reinhold Glier Kyiv Municipal Academy - Music Performance and Education



Hello, My name is Svitlana Rogozovska. I am so exacted to be a part of Newstead Academy. I was born and raised in Ukraine and graduated from Reinhold Glier Kyiv Municipal Academy of Music. My major was Music Performance and Education. My main musical instrument is a harp. After graduation, I worked as a music teacher for 10 years in Ukraine. When I moved to Canada, in 2001, I decided to make early education my life’s work because I believe a child’s education is the most valuable thing in the world. So, I started working in an early learning center in Canada and obtained a diploma in Early Childhood Educator from Stratford Career Institute, Quebec. I have worked with children of all ages (from infant to 8 years old and with) and have broad experience and strong knowledge of the different childcare settings, virtues, practices, and manners that need to be taught as well as in developing educational and entertainment activities for children and creating an environment for strong development of intellectual, social, and sports skills in children My motto - Knowledge is Power, and I recognize that the earlier it begins the better and brighter the future will be for the child. To me, the most amazing thing is to see and hear one of your students applies the skills that I have taught them and see the excitement on their faces. Working with children always amuses me because they have so much potential and a great imagination. I enjoy playing and learning with them. My goal is to provide a safe and inviting learning environment to children so that they feel comfortable expressing themselves.

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