Yue Zhu

Yue Zhu

RECE, Kindergarten Room Teacher

University of Toronto / OISE – Master in Teaching, OCT - Member of Ontario Certified Teacher




Greetings! I am Yue Zhu (Yu•eh Joo), and you are welcome to call me Ms. ZhuZhu (JooJoo) or Ms. Yue (Yu•eh). It is such an honor and pleasure for me to join Newstead Academy. I graduated from University of Toronto with a degree in Master of Teaching, and I’m an Ontario-certified teacher. I have teaching experience in both China and Canada: I taught students reading, writing, math, science, and social science in English back in China; and taught mostly in the public system in Canada, from kindergarten to primary school. Furthermore, I also teach Mandarin to students from different age groups. I have a great passion in education, and I believe in raising wholesome learners: to me, students' academic success is as important as their mental well-being. With regard to program and lesson design, I tend to orient my plans around not only basic knowledge but also students' interest and the real world. Students’ being able to self-regulate, attain high self-esteem, acquire resilience and a sense of responsibility would also be emphasized in the classroom. Learning and growing is not always fun and easy, however, I hope my students would eventually adopt a growth mindset and have a deep faith in their endeavours.

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